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It may seem like an impossible fantasy, but near your home, there is a school to which students choose to come to every morning, with a wide smile on their faces. Ankori High Schools are private schools, recognized and supervised by the Ministry of Education, with tens of thousands of graduates from across the country.
We invite you to think out of the box and choose a unique school.

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Teachers who come to work every day with a smile
The teachers in Ankori work in small, specialized learning frameworks, and can therefore truly impact and shape school experiences.

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A system based on personal achievement that will pave your road to success
We believe in your ability to succeed, and we’re here to provide you with all the necessary tools to reach your potential.

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A small, familial campus
Thanks to a small, effective organization, and campuses for up to 350 students, Ankori high schools enable a significant dialogue between teachers, students and parents.

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A school bus system
Ankori’s high schools are non-zoned, and accept students from across the country throughout the school year.

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Studying at Ankori is a choice. However, we follow a meticulous enrollment process to make sure that our campuses always provide a flexible, adapted solution to every student, according to his or her needs and goals, and without harming the social fabric of the school.” font_container=”tag:h2|font_size:24px|text_align:left|color:%23f26b00|line_height:32px”][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner el_class=”borderright” width=”1/2″ css=”.vc_custom_1502096935784{padding-right: 0px !important;}”][vc_custom_heading text=”Step 1: Getting to know each other” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:left|color:%23f26b00″][vc_column_text]

Ankori High Schools are similar to other schools in many respects: we have classrooms, teachers and road trips, and we follow a supervised curriculum. Yet, in other respects, Ankori High Schools are entirely different: we enjoy a unique atmosphere, continuous dialogue, personal attention and mutual respect between teachers and students. It is unique, and it does not suit everyone.
It is important for us to introduce ourselves to you personally. Therefore, we do not hold open days like other schools, but insist on one-on-one meetings. We believe it is worth the extra effort.
At the beginning of the process, we will invite you (prospective student and at least one parent) to a one-on-one meeting with our campus coordinator or senior staff member. They will introduce themselves, the campus and explain their own take on our methodology. The student and his/her parent will then introduce themselves and tell them what’s important to them in a school environment.
In this meeting, you will also be provided with written materials regarding the curriculum, extra-curricular activities, a personalized learning program, courses, fees, scholarships and modes of payment. It is recommended to bring along your recent report cards.

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We believe in getting to know you personally, and personal relationships are more important to us than paperwork. These merely provide us with another way to get to know you. So, to advance the process, we will ask for report cards, references (from teachers, guidance counselors, etc.) or any other document that may serve to introduce you (diagnoses and appropriate accommodations if needed).

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At this stage, the parents stay at home. We want to talk to you, the student, personally. We want to get to know you and make sure we’re a good fit for your needs.
During this meeting, we will get to know other aspects of your personality, learn the ways in which you are unique, and talk to you about our distinctive model of teaching and learning.
It’s a relaxed meeting, and there is no need to prepare for it. Just be yourself!

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At this stage, we will officially register you as a student, and enroll you in the appropriate courses and classes.

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We’re here to provide each and every student with a personal experience of success and fulfillment, leading in turn to self-development and self-worth. We encourage learning through choice and personal accountability.

We accomplish our goals through professionalism and creativity; we constantly develop advanced pedagogical tools and teaching methods, and we employ the best teachers and educators.

We believe in flexibility, both of thought and of the organization in which we work and create. We foster mutual trust and respect among our students and faculty; and we encourage our students to take initiative and learn constantly.

The Ankori Education Network is committed to results, social and cultural awareness and activism within their communities.

We are committed to personalized learning frameworks and small classrooms. This allows us to dedicate time, effort and attention to every student – all crucial aspects on the road to goal achievement.

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The Ankori Education Network follows these core values:

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דברו איתנו: 1800-85-85-85

תענו בבקשה על כל השאלות, שנדע איך לעזור

או בקמפוס הקרוב אליכם:

אנקור – גן ויסודי
סירקין 3, תל אביב
מנהלת: תמר גרופר-פקמן
אשת הקשר שלכם:
טלפון: 050-313-3703

סטודיו אנקורי
עזה 13, יפו
מנהלת הקמפוס: ג’מה נוה
אשת הקשר שלכם:
טלפון: 03-6122313

מדיה אנקורי
אחוזה 148, רעננה
מנהל: יואב לביא
אשת הקשר שלכם:
או מיטל
טלפון: 09-7488296

 אנקורי תל אביב
טרומפלדור 30, תל אביב
מנהל הקמפוס: דיויד קלאר
אשת הקשר שלכם:
או פלור
טלפון: 03-6204990

אנקורי ירושלים
הרברט סמואל 1, כיכר ציון, ירושלים
מנהל הקמפוס: בועז עילם
אשת הקשר שלכם:
או נעמה
טלפון: 02-6222281

אנקורי ראשון לציון
פיק”א 21, ראשון לציון
מנהל הקמפוס: משה גרדוס
אשת הקשר שלכם:
או לימור
טלפון: 03-9501888

אנקורי פתח תקווה
אליעזר פרידמן 9, קניון סירקין, פתח תקווה
מנהל הקמפוס: יוסי שפרבר
איש הקשר שלכם:
או שני
טלפון: 03-9045353

אנקורי צפון
דרך עכו 6, קרית ביאליק
מנהלת הקמפוס: ורדית הלוי
איש הקשר שלכם:
טלפון: 04-8491333

אנקורי אשדוד – קורסים
הרצל 1, בניין היוניטרייד, אשדוד
אשת הקשר שלכם:
טל – tal_h@ankori.co.il
טלפון: 08-8662746

אנקורי חיפה – קורסים
הנמל 30, חיפה
אשת הקשר שלכם:
כרמית – carmit_b@ankori.co.il
טלפון: 04-8644464