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Kindergarten and elementary school, high school, matriculation and psychometric tracks, educational entrepreneurship.

For 72 years, Ankori has been providing unique, personalized,
success-oriented education to its pupils.

The Ankori Network was founded 70 years ago by Hanoch Ankori in the living room of his Tel Aviv home on Ben-Yehuda Street. Over the years, Ankori educators have altered, refined, and adapted the educational approach of the network according to the dynamic reality and needs of 20th and 21st-century learners. Our educational approach and advanced operations system provide physical and digital solutions suited to the shifting educational reality of today, allowing us to guide thousands of children from kindergarten through high school and academia as they write books, launch initiatives, and expand into new educational and academic fields across the country. Most importantly, we see? Need another word here the children – both young and older – and the team that accompanies them, above all else.

We have several channels of activity:

Operating formal and informal learning centers and exam and evaluation centers for government offices, local authorities, and higher education institutions.

Our founders

Avi Haber

Educator, literature teacher, entrepreneur, and co-founder of the pedagogic-social approach at Ankori. Haber is a man who wrote literature textbooks for the school while helping to develop its buildings and classrooms. He is a lover of photography and architecture, buildings for preservation, and finding creative solutions in the field. He is also responsible for the ever-relevant, iconic sentence in the 1980s Ankori ad: “Respect the pupil, push him, this is the only way to promote success.” Avi Haber is a co-owner of Ankori, and continues to review literary works for matriculation.

Aviva Haber

An Ankori graduate, business entrepreneur, and expert in talent scouting and management. Aviva began working at Ankori in 1965 as a temporary employee under Hanoch Sperling (Ankori). In 1977, along with Avi Haber, she purchased Ankori, which was then a small Tel Avivian school, and the two transformed it into a meaningful organization that attracted Israel’s most interesting educators. Aviva has trained generations of teachers and principals, and was responsible for and involved in developing new educational avenues such as the psychometrics field, the mathematics marathon, and the “mikud” matriculation prep books. Today, Aviva is Chair of the Ankori Board of Directors, and a co-owner of Ankori.

Hanoch (Sperling) Ankori

A teacher of math, English, and French, a literary translator, and graduate of the second class of the Hebrew Gymnasium. Hanoch founded Ankori in 1948 in his Tel Aviv living room at Ben-Yehuda 175, as a center for matriculation completion. With a highly complex scheduling system, he managed to fit five high school classes who studied in shifts into only three classrooms. In 1973, Hanoch Ankori decided to retire and later sold his share in the educational network to Aviva and Avi Haber.

Our story

Our story, the extended version

Hanoch Sperling Ankori, a charismatic teacher from Tel Aviv, founded the Ankori Network in 1948 and gave it his name. Gradually, Ankori passed the torch to Avi and Aviva Haber, who worked with him for many years and finally took the reins in 1978. Under their direction, Ankori developed and expanded into additional fields such as nationwide psychometric and matriculation prep courses, and the Ankori publishing house for textbooks was established. Aviva and Avi’s creativity attracted teams of teachers and educators who were truly interested in teaching and conducting authentic educational encounters.

The Ankori Network became a magnet for excellent teachers with diverse skill sets and leadership potential, some of whom went on to work in the private and public educational fields as key figures in local authorities and the business sector. In the 1990s, Ankori became a network of internal-matriculation high schools, with Ministry of Education recognition and supervision. Today, under the direction of Osnat Haber Koton, daughter of Avi and Aviva Haber, Ankori is leading a pedagogical and organizational approach that challenges the boundaries of the educational field.

In 2019, the Ministry of Education recognized the educational approach and method developed at Ankori high schools as a “unique model.” The model, titled “individual attention in a changing reality,” answers to the need for flexible education systems that can tailor themselves to a changing reality. The small size of our schools allows us to establish trust and dialogue between adults and youth – parents, teachers, and pupils, which lays the foundation for a personalized learning experience that caters to the choices, priorities, and strengths of each individual, with matriculation exams as an integral component.

In 2014, we opened Studio Ankori in Jaffa, a school for creative thinking and entrepreneurship. Studio Ankori is based on practices developed at Ankori over the years. We meet pupils as early as 7th grade, and have developed a unique method and language to help cultivate creative thinking and entrepreneurship, in accordance with 21st century skills. The Studio is not another art school, but its learning processes utilize tools from artistic disciplines including music, theater, film, and dance. The unique program developed at the Studio teaches multi-disciplinary art at a five matriculation-points level, along with the full set of matriculation subjects.

In 2018, we opened Ankori Media, the school for critical and social thinking in the Sharon area for 7-12 grades. Ankori Media is based on a similar pedagogic model as Studio Ankori, but is designed to adapt to change in the world in real time. At Ankori Media, the conventional, core Ministry of Education content meets the worlds of film, television, technology, and social networks. Pupils process reality through all channels, making the learning experience relevant and current. Needless to say, this method incorporates full matriculation preparation, cultivating an in-depth learning experience.

In 2020, we opened Ankor, a growing kindergarten and elementary school in the center of Tel Aviv. Ankor is open to children 3 and older, who learn in multi-age groups and in two languages – Hebrew and English. Ankor draws its inspiration from the other Ankori schools, mainly Studio and Media, and is infused with the pedagogic spirit of Janusz Korczak.

All Ankori schools are filled with joy and spread joy, mainly because, above any method or theory, we view the quality of our educators and their curiosity and interest in working with children as the most significant condition for educational encounters, and place children at the center of the conversation.

Over the years, Ankori has continued to maintain flexibility in both thought and operation, enabling us to constantly change and transform.


Memory wall

אנקורי איבדה במערכות ישראל ובפעולות האיבה עשרות תלמידים ותלמידות.
אנחנו מעלים את זיכרם כל שנה בטקסים.
המורים האהובים והאוהבים שלנו, חיים עם האובדן הזה, כל יום, כל שנה מחדש.

עמוד הזכרונות הזה מוקדש לחללים ולמורים השכולים. 

יום הזיכרון1

Accessibility at Ankori


The Ankori Network works diligently to make its services accessible to people with disabilities, always striving to answer to the diverse needs of our community. The Ankori management and staff is happy to help with any need or inquiry.

For special requests regarding accessibility, please contact our accessibility coordinator, Segev Leibowitz:  segev_l@ankori.co.il

For a detailed layout of accessibility arrangements on our campuses – Click here.


Our Mission
Our Values
Our Mission

We are here to provide each and every individual with an experience of success and fulfillment that will foster personal and social development, and hone abilities and skills suited to the changing reality around us. We believe that choices based on personal, social, and environmental responsibility in a safe, attentive space lay the foundation for effective, in-depth, relevant, and tailored learning and development. Safeguarding freedom of choice and creativity among our pupils and educators is at the heart of our work.

Critical thinking and creativity, attention and persistence, and a professional organizational structure are what allow us to develop advanced educational language and practices. We are experts in finding and cultivating the best educators with which to create a joyous learning space. We work and create with flexibility in thought and operation, trust-based relationships, a bold approach and constant learning, respect for each individual, and commitment to fostering social and cultural awareness in our communities.


Our Values

The Ankori Network operates according to its core values:


External matriculation? Internal matriculation?
Social Media Policy
External matriculation? Internal matriculation?

All Ankori schools are “internal-matriculation schools with ‘recognized but unofficial’ status”:

From the 1970s to the 1990s, the Ankori Network was considered an “external” school: we only taught grades 11-12, and pupils underwent matriculation directly through the external matriculation department of the Ministry of Education. In 1977, we became “internal- matriculation schools,and have since taught grades 9-12.

All Ankori schools, like most high school in Israel, are considered “recognized but unofficial” by the Ministry of Education. Elementary and middle school belong to the state and are therefore considered “official,” while high schools fall under different “ownerships” and are therefore “unofficial.” “Ownership” can be that of a local authority (all municipal or comprehensive schools), parent organizations, or an educational network such as Ankori.

On supervision, funds, and choices at Ankori


Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy:

At Ankori, informal pupil-teacher dialogue is a goal in itself. Such dialogue is crucial to fostering committed learning and is a foundation for success. Ankori enables this dialogue with a small, intimate educational system on one hand, and a clear, groundbreaking policy for pupil-teacher relationship management on the other, including within the virtual worlds beyond our school walls. The virtual space is among the most significant parts in the world of youth today. We are present in it, as part of our commitment to educational innovation and use of creative tools as a pedagogic approach. In 2011, Ankori created the first document in the world to define pupil-teacher relationships on social media, in order to keep this important channel open, accessible, and safe.

For Ankori’s social media policy

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